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Personal Protection Order

Personal Protection OrderHaving a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against you can be serious. A PPO case is not a criminal case and doesn’t give you a criminal record. But, it can affect your freedom. The PPO is entered in the police Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) and is a matter of public record. These are just some of the possible consequences of having a PPO against you:

You can be restrained from:

  • Appearing in certain locations, including your own home
  • Communicating with the Petitioner and other named people, including your children
  • Having a gun (even if your job requires you to have one)
  • You can be arrested without a warrant for allegedly violating a PPO;
  • You can be charged with criminal contempt for allegedly violating a PPO;
  • You can face fines and jail time for violating the PPO;
  • The PPO can be a factor in a divorce or child custody case.

If there is a PPO against you, the attorneys at Davison Legal Associates, P.C. can assist you with filing a motion to terminate or modify the PPO. However, time is of the essence! You only have 14 days to respond once you find out about an ex-parte PPO.

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