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Criminal Law

We have experience helping clients successfully resolve criminal matters ranging from minor misdemeanor offenses to capital felonies. When you hire a criminal law attorney, you want an experienced lawyer defending your rights. We believe our clients want a criminal defense attorney they can trust to vigorously stand up for their interests, not someone who will take the first plea bargain offered. That is why we aren’t afraid to take your case to trial and we will never look for solutions that are simply convenient for us. We will thoroughly examine every aspect of your case. We will review police reports and documentation, conduct in-depth cross examinations of witnesses, and question all of the evidence against you.

Assault and Battery

Our attorneys handle a variety of assault cases ranging from misdemeanor simple assault to serious felonies like aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon. If you are facing a charge of assault or battery our attorneys can investigate the case and determine if there are reasons why the case should be dismissed before trial or help you negotiate a plea.

Illegal Possession

Illegal drug possession is the unauthorized possession of a drug that the government has determined to be dangerous, habit forming, or otherwise not appropriate. If you have been charged with illegal possession of weapons or drugs, either for personal use or with intent to sell, the attorneys at Davison Legal Associates, P.C. can aggressively defend you in court.

Retail Fraud

Retail Fraud, commonly referred to as shoplifting, is a serious charge that could land you in jail. No matter what the value of the stolen product, you will need legal representation in order to avoid criminal punishment. If you’ve been charged with retail fraud, don’t risk jail time or financial losses, call our office today!

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